Real Audio© enables audio songs, audio sound clips etc. to be transferred quickly over the internet. Without software tools, sound clips could take hours to download before being heard!

The two most popular solutions to this problem are Real Audio and MP3. Both reduce the size of audio files, reducing the time it takes to download and play audio. Real Audio is the much faster method enabling files to be downloaded and automatically played in a matter of seconds, while MP3 files being larger (i.e. slower to download) preserves audio quality better than Real Audio.

A useful comparison in audio quality terms is to think of Real Audio as being similar to AM radio and MP3 as being like higher quality FM radio. However,  neither match CD quality.

Real Player© is the tool you need to have installed on your computer to play the music at this website (and most others). If you do not yet have this installed, you can download this at www.real.com Various versions are available but the FREE version works fine.

To download Real Player© click here Real Audio Logo


A MIDI file is a popular format for playing instrumental ELECTRONIC music. A MIDI file can be played by most computers that contain a soundcard. Do not confuse this with genuine audio recordings like on cassettes, CDs etc. A MIDI file cannot reproduce the human voice or any real acoustic musical instrument. It contains no audio data, only melody information. With MIDI files your soundcard uses this melody data to play electronic imitations of real instruments. Some sophisticated soundcards can sound surprisingly like real musical instruments, while on other soundcards the instruments sound artificial.

To download MIDI files at this site (and others) you will be given the option to OPEN or SAVE the file. If you select OPEN your internet broswer will attempt to set up a suitable device to play it, right now. (You can try this first)

However, for some setups it will be necessary to SAVE the file (to wherever you select) and later open the file by clicking upon on it. In most cases this works.

However, if this also fails try to OPEN the file within your 'media player' (Win95/98).

Still no luck? Perhaps your soundcard cannot play MIDI files or has not been correctly setup to do so.

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