Real Audio© enables audio songs, audio sound clips etc. to be transferred quickly over the internet. Without software tools, sound clips could take hours to download before being heard!

The two most popular solutions to this problem are Real Audio and MP3. Both reduce the size of audio files, reducing the time it takes to download and play audio. Real Audio is the much faster method enabling files to be downloaded and automatically played in a matter of seconds, while MP3 files being larger (i.e. slower to download) preserves audio quality better than Real Audio.

A useful comparison in audio quality terms is to think of Real Audio as being similar to AM radio and MP3 as being like higher quality FM radio. However,  neither match CD quality.

Real Player© is the tool you need to have installed on your computer to play the music at this website (and most others). If you do not yet have this installed, you can download this at www.real.com
Various versions are available but the FREE version works fine.

To download Real Player© click here Real Audio Logo

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