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Dermot O'Brien
One of the most globally popular accordionists ever. His best albums include  'The Laughing Accordion' (1970), 3 Dimensions (1973), Accordion Sounds (1967).....Dermot, thanks for the inspiration

Fintan Stanley
Five row button accordionist - now based in USA

John MacDonald
Popular accordionist from Scotland -  based in Australia

Mark O'Conner
The American Fiddler

Larry McNeely
5 string banjoist, his best album  'Power Play'  (1980),,466614,00.html?artist=Larry+McNeely

Russ Barenberg
Always melodious session guitarist

Rosenberg Trio (Stochelo Rosenberg)
Gypsy jazz guitarists

Albert Lee
Country Guitarist

Earl Scruggs
The most imitated banjo player ever.

Bela Fleck
Banjo player

Raul Reynuso
Jazz guitarist

Russ Barenberg
Acoustic Guitarist

Petro Frosini
Popularized accordion in the 1930s

Phil Cunningham
Scottish folk accordionist

Johnny Cunningham
Scottish folk fiddler

The Rankins
Canadian folk group

Sharon Shannon
Irish Folk Accordionist

Bobby Gardiner
Irish Accordionist

Accordions World Wide
Accordion Information

Banjo Newsletter

The Corries
Folk Duo

The Irish Rovers
Folk group

Dougie MacLean
Scottish folk singer

Fiddlers 3
Canadian folk group

Brent Mason
Session Guitarist

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